It seemed that last week the whole country was gripped by election fever and that was certainly the case in the heart of Wrotham when the pupils of Sycamore got themselves heard by inventing slogans such as ‘We never sleep’, ‘Democracy must be heard!’ and ‘A vote for us is a vote for the community…!

With the class dividing into groups to work out their aims there were soon Party names and a Manifesto which was then read out during the hustings. My particular favourite were the aptly named ‘Amazing Apricots’ who were determined to introduce such legislation as ‘more sport and ‘dress down Fridays. As you can see from the prospective candidate Mason below it’s a lot about smiling!

Thankfully for us there was no Hung parliament and after the election followed by the count and re-count. The returning Officer (Miss Brownfield) announced that the ELIL Party (Ellie, Lara, Lola & Isobel)  were the winners.


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