Term 3 Week 2 No Nonsense Spelling

Look, Say, Cover, Spell, Check Sheet- Rarer GPCs

(Where the spelling doesn’t make a usual sound)

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REMEMBER: You need to learn the meaning and spelling of your words ready for your test on Friday.

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Please see below your child’s homework grid for Terms 3 and 4. Your child’s homework book will be checked every Tuesday. As before, if you child earns 100 points or more they will receive a homework certificate and a reward. Please tick and date the activity once it has been completed and any work/photos/comments can be included in this homework book. The final completion date is Tuesday 21st March.

For Maths, the expectation is that your child continues to progress using Mathletics. Tasks will be set by the teacher that you must complete when you log in. If there are any problems with using this, please let the class teacher know. Please continue to learn your timetables, your child will be tested every Thursday.

Spellings are put into your child’s spelling folder every Monday to be tested every Friday. We will do another 50 words spelling test at the end of term 3. Thank you for your support.


Impress us with a Viking story – remember to structure your story correctly (using the five part story structure), use appropriate vocabulary (eg Long boat) and use the correct punctuation (including paragraphs), varying your sentence structure.

15 points

Write a diary from the point of view of a Viking


10 points

Write a persuasive letter to your teacher to persuade us to make us give you a treat at the end of term.

10 points

Science and Outdoor Learning

Learn to skip or Hula – hoop. How many can you achieve in one go? Can you beat that total? Record your scores for a week.


10 points

Investigate and either make or draw the water cycle. You could explain what happens to a drop of water at each stage of the cycle


15 points

How many reversible changes can you list? How many irreversible changes can you list?

15 points

Themed Learning

Build a Viking helmet and shield

15 points

Draw and label a Viking person

10 points

Research and  label or list the main Rivers of the World. Remember to say which country / continent they are in.



15 points

Life skills

Create some water safety rules, encouraging younger children to be sensible around water


10 points

Set the table, ready for a meal, every day for a week. Provide some photographic evidence.


10 points

Make your bed or keep your room tidy for a week. Provide photographic evidence




10 points

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