Homework, Maths and Spellings

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Homework – Term 3 

This work should be completed throughout the term. The aim is to complete one a week. The children choose the activity that they would like to do and complete in their contact book, or on a separate piece of paper. Please tick and date when completed.


Iron Man            


Write a character description of the Iron Man. The children have been learning about this in school, so hopefully should be able to explain what he is like. (20 points)

Write a post card from the Iron Man as if you were at the beach. What do you see? Hear?

E.g I’m having a lovely time at the beach, hearing the seagulls overhead and the crashing waves. (this does not need to be accurate to the story!) . (20 points)

Write your own ‘dream time story’ on how the world was created as the Aboriginals would have done.

(30 points)

Science and Outdoor Learning

Explore which objects around your home are attracted to magnets. Record your findings in a list or photograph.

(20 points)

Design a healthy meal. You could even help make this at home. Bring in a photo, or draw a picture with labels.


(20 points)

Look at the changes in the season over this term. What is the weather like? How many light hours are there in the day, is this changing? What do the trees look like? Compare to Autumn.

This is a discussion. (10 points)

Themed Learning


Draw and label a picture of an unusual animal from Australia

. (10 points)

Draw and label a picture of an unusual animal from the polar regions.


(10 points)


Find out information about Australia. Write 5 facts or a mini travel brochure. . (20 points)


Be an Inventor!

Design and or build an imaginary invention, this can be for anything. Maybe something which will help you at home. Like a tidy-away robot!

(20 points)

Design your own snowflake. You can draw, use an art package on the computer, glue and glitter or cut one out.


Be as imaginative as you like.

(10 points)


Make a beach scene in a shoebox!


(30 points)


If your child reaches 100 points or more, there will be a reward. Last term they went to the park, or had extra computing time.

Spellings – Term 3

week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 week 5   
writeswordairfairgroundunfitunequal hottercloserdearheardbarenightmare
wrongwreckpairhairbrushundressuncovercolderquicker beardsearchcareparent
wriggleknowledgechairunfairuntieunusualbigger yearheartscaredrarely
knock stairs unkind biggest fear rare 
knee fairy unhappy slow clear flare 
knot dairy   slowest ear   
know repair     tear   




Maths Support

Additional Spellings Homework Support

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Phonics Homework Support

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Handwriting and Letter formation


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