Mr D Jones


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Rye


Mrs J Ellis

Family Liaison Officer

Mrs G Ikediashi

Key Stage 1 & English Leader

Mrs L Vickers

Key Stage 2 & Maths Leader

Mrs K Baylis



Mrs H Atkinson

Pupil Premium Support & PPA

Mrs A Holmes


Key Stage 1 Teaching Team

Miss L Dial & Miss K Anderson (Reception)

Miss E Gower (Year 1)

Mrs L Vickers & Mrs L Montgomery (Year 2)

Key Stage 2 Teaching Team

Miss G Ryder (Year 3)

Mr J Shield (Year 4)

Mrs K Baylis (Year 5)

Miss N Brownfield (Year 6)

Roles and Responsibilities

Mr D Jones – Headteacher & Collective Worship

Mrs J Ellis – SENCO

Mrs L Rye – Deputy Headteacher, Assessment, Curriculum & Planning, Lead SCITT Student Mentoring, EVC, Extended Schools

Mrs L Vickers – KS1 Leader, Teaching & Learning, English (reading & phonics), Mentor SCITT student, NQT Mentoring

Mrs K Baylis – KS2 Leader, Mathematics, NQT Mentoring

Mrs H Atkinson – Science, RSE, DT

Mrs A Holmes – Music (oversee Jonathan), Swimming, Pupil Premium

Mrs L West – EYFS, Computing

Miss K Anderson – EYFS, Pre-school links & Collective Worship

Miss E Gower – NQT

Mrs L Montgomery – Art & school display

Miss G Ryder – NQT

Mr J Shield – PE & Outdoor Learning,

Mrs N Broomfield – RE, PSHCE (inc Pupil Voice), French

Support Staff

Mrs D Emirali – Bursar

Mrs N Scriven – Secretary

Ms T Broszek – Admin, Website & Clerk to Governors

Mr P Manktelow – Site Manager

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Binckes

Mrs E Bradshaw

Ms J Brooks

Mrs C Chidgey

Miss D Clements

Mrs R Farmer

Ms L Gilbody

Mrs C Gill

Miss L Hyde

Mrs S McCarthy

Mrs H Newbold

Mrs L Spalding

Mrs S Starck

Miss L Stevenson

Mrs N Walker

Midday Supervisors

Miss D Clements

Mrs G Horne

Mrs D Nolan

Miss L Stevenson

Miss A Szodi