School Clubs

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All children attending school clubs are asked to sign the Clubs Code of Conduct.  Here is a copy for you to read:


At St George’s Primary School our clubs are run by teachers, who volunteer, or approved outside providers, to enrich our family day. We want our clubs to be fun and inclusive for everyone. We want our clubs to be a positive experience for both children and adults and where new things can be learnt in a safe environment.

Name:                              As a member of :  < add club name>              

Children are expected to:

Show respect to the adults running and supporting the club and to one another

  • Be on time to start the club
  • Behave and listen to instructions given
  • Keep within the area your club is held whether it be a classroom, hall or the school field
  • Take care of any equipment you are allowed to use
  • Make your club a fun place to be
  • Show respect to other members of the club and team spirit – bullying will not be tolerated
  • Wear appropriate clothing as agreed by the adult leading the session
  • Be committed by being on time and having regular attendance (If you cannot attend a session you need to inform the adult who leads the club. If two consecutive sessions are missed without informing the adult in charge of this club you will be asked to leave in order for another child to take the place.)

If the Code of Conduct is broken by a child’s behaviour or actions it may result in you being asked to leave the club.