The Work of the Governing Body

The work of the Governing Body

Image result for the work of a governing bodyThe Governing Body acts as a critical friend.  To do this it has kept informed about the performance of staff and pupils, including the quality of teaching and progress towards the priorities identified in the School Improvement Plan and the Ofsted Inspection.   The Governing Body has monitored the School Improvement Plan and set objectives.   This has been achieved through discussion and questioning of the Headteacher’s report and by governors’ first hand observations in the school. A structured and purposeful programme of governor visits was established to enable Governors to have a clearer understanding of systems in place to enable children to make good or better than expected progress in their learning.  

The Headteacher submits a report prior to the full governing body meetings which enables governors to put questions to the Headteacher during the meeting. We have been working with the Headteacher to drive through school improvements both in pupil achievement and in the school environment, culminating the School’s excellent SAT’s results. 

The Governing Body participated in a skills audit to ensure governors have the skills required and undertook training to enable them to carry out their role effectively.

Key challenges during the year were:

  • Pupil achievement and progress to ensure school is on track to achieve targets for all pupils.
  • Our ‘vulnerable groups’ of children and how the Pupil Premium Grant is being spent by the school and its impact.
  • Impact of Sports Premium Grant.
  • Monitoring of annual Health and Safety Audit, ensured the fire policy and emergency evacuation plan was up to date and ensured that risk assessments are in place.
  • Discussed the budget and during the year were able to question how spending aligns with the budget, thus ensuring solvency and probity thereby ensuring financial resources were used effectively.
  • Staff restructuring.
  • Review of school policies to ensure compliance with DfE regulations. They have ensured safeguarding policies and practices were rigorous through regular discussions and reviews in order to fulfil their statutory duties.

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents.  The Chair of Governors Mr Neil Townley can be contacted via the Clerk email:

How to become a Governor

Governors are people, from all walks of life, who have an interest in the role of schools in society and wish to make a positive contribution to their communities.  They have enquiring minds and contribute to the effective running of the school and the educational achievements of its pupils.

The Governing Body is given their powers and duties as an incorporated body.  The statutory responsibilities of the Governing Body are detailed in Section 21 of the Education Act 2002.    Governors do not incur any personal liability in respect of any actions or decisions taken in good faith.

For more information on becoming a governor please contact the Clerk by email: