Welcome to this section of the website. It will provide you with all of the information you require on a day to day basis as a parent, from the latest documents, to forms and other information about the regular life of the school.  We are keen that parents feel welcome in school and value the time and energy parents are able to give as volunteer helpers.

We have an ‘open door’ policy with daily contact with all parents.  There is a parent’s noticeboard in the playground and KS1 parent’s waiting area which is updated frequently. 

Parents are invited to a variety of events through the school year.  Newsletters are sent home every Monday to inform you of key events, school life and general information.


Parents are key partners in helping and supporting their children’s learning. A basic responsibility in this is to ensure your child attends school regularly and arrives on time. In this way, your child’s opportunity for success is maximised, by allowing him/her to keep up with the pace of learning and progress planned by the school. Trying to catch up through extra written tasks at home is not as effective as the direct teaching provided in class! Feeling ‘left behind’ in schoolwork also destroys a child’s self – confidence, which further hinders progress and success. Everyone wants the very best for their children. However, the school can only fulfil its side of the partnership when children are in school.

This information is designed to provide parents with important information about their role and legal responsibility in relation to their child’s regular attendance.


School Meals

School meals are served on the premises, by  Caterlink.  There is always a choice of meal, menus are sent home termly, (copies are always available) and displayed in the school.
Alternatively, children may choose to bring a healthy packed lunch to school. This should be in a named container, and should not contain drinks in cans, glass bottles sweets or bars of chocolate.
Parents in receipt of Family Income Support may be entitled to free school meals. 
Under a new government policy from September 2014 all pupils in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 may have a meal provided free.
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We would like to foster a feeling of community and identity within our school.  For this reason, we ask children to wear clothes as displayed on the link below.

Please note: only small, plain studs may be worn and that nail varnish is not permitted. Multiple piercings are not acceptable. Children are not permitted to come to school with dyed hair.