At St George’s Primary School, reading is at the very heart of the curriculum.  We have many exciting plans underway to ensure we are a community of readers, with reading for pleasure being at the heart of our school.

We are transforming our library and updating the children’s home reading books over the coming terms. Our school will also be involved with the exciting and innovative ‘Talk for Reading’.  

Early reading

  • Is taught by whole class sessions through handling books, direction of print, rhymes and repetitive language.
  • Phonics lessons use the Letters and Sounds scheme. Click here Letters and Sounds scheme
  • Children who are found to have gaps in their phonic knowledge are supported through group teaching at their level to close the gaps.

Which book?

Currently we use a mixture of phonic based texts (Song Birds) and character based texts (ORT) to support pupils’ reading at home. Books are change on a regular basis.

When the children become more confident with reading, ‘Project X,’ which is a high interest adventure based story scheme, is used.

Once the children are fully competent with decoding and answering questions based on the text. Then the children have the opportunity to become ‘free readers.’ A range of texts are available, from the school library, for the children. These include traditional tales, poetry, and real books.

Teaching Reading

Teachers teach ‘reading skills’ in a whole class setting at least 3 times per week, using a range of genres.

We use 21 Steps to assess children’s understanding of texts and these assessment levels are linked to the Key Performance Indicators from the national curriculum to give a fair judgement of how well your 

child is reading according to their given year group.

Children who need extra help in reading may be given support through 1:1 reading sessions or Better Partnership (BRP), which is a 1:1 reading intervention, or ‘Reading for Meaning,’ which helps to develop their understanding of a text.

Please find our reading leaflets below with information to help you support your child with their reading at home.




Reading Year R


Year 1+2


Year 3+4


Year 5 + 6