Term 3 and 4

Welcome back after what was (hopefully) a fantastic Christmas break for you all!  Please see below for a few reminders.

KS2 information and expectations

We will continue to focus on ‘learning to learn’ through the 6 R’s: resilience, respect, risk taking, resourcefulness, relationships and reflectiveness. This is to empower the children in their own learning experience.

Children in KS2 will be expected to show effort and commitment to these school values. Children who show excellence and effort in these areas will be rewarded by being chosen to represent the school in all aspects of the curriculum as well as being recognised with awards internally in school.

Children in KS2 are always expected to lead through example. Appropriate playground behaviour, respect for each other and good manners should be shown at all times. Pride in themselves, and our school, should be shown through looking smart and wearing correct uniform.

Our door is always open at the end of the school day should you need or want to talk to your child’s class teacher. Please see Mrs Rye and/or Mrs Montgomery for wider key stage queries or any general issues relating to KS2. If you are unable to meet at this time please do make an appointment through the school office.  


The weather is very often very changeable during the next two terms, so a coat is also essential every day. A change of footwear for outdoors is encouraged as the children will have play and lunchtimes outside as much as possible, but sensible school shoes for indoors please. Please ensure that your child is wearing acceptable uniform at all times. We would also encourage your child to bring a water bottle with a sports cap throughout the year.

Class Routines

The children will continue to have daily English and Maths lessons.  In addition to this our theme for term 3 is ‘Mmm Chocolate!’ which will be taught in a cross-curricular way.

Willow Class will be taught by Miss Boniface. Mrs Reen will teach the class RE and set and test spellings on Tuesday afternoons. Madame West will continue to teach the children French on Tuesday mornings and Mr Jaggard will teach Music for one session on Monday mornings

Mrs Gill is our class Teaching Assistant and will be working with the class every morning to support the children’s learning.


Our timetabled PE session is on a Monday afternoon and Thursday morning.  However, circumstances often arise when we have to rearrange a PE session.  Therefore we need kits to stay in school every day.  Please could you make sure your child has a full fitting PE kit in school at all times this term to include a plain PE t-shirt (white or house coloured), shorts (blue/black), black plimsolls AND black/white trainers. Please ensure long hair is tied back on PE days. Please ensure your child is wearing no jewellery and that your child can take out their own earrings on PE days or come to school without them.

Any child not participating must bring in a letter explaining the reason or they will be expected to take part.


The children have individual log books for independent reading within the school day.  Comments written by adults who listen to your child read are also recorded here

(Please see attached information about Reading Records).  In addition, the children also experience guided group reading where they focus in a detailed way on the text and author’s style.

Reading is an invaluable skill so please encourage your child to read regularly at home.  The children are encouraged to read a range of texts including instructions, newspapers, web pages as well as fiction.  It is also valuable to share and discuss texts they are reading, encouraging them to give their thoughts and express opinions.

If anyone has some spare time, perhaps an afternoon each week, that they would like to spend hearing children read please don’t hesitate to let us know either by coming in or leaving a message with the office.


Your child will be set an English or Maths task each week.

Maths tasks will relate to maths work completed in class that week. English tasks will be a reading comprehension, vocabulary development focus, grammar task or a short, 20-30 minute writing challenge.  This will be set on a Tuesday and will be due in on Mondays. Please encourage good presentation.

We will also send home a list of spellings each Tuesday (in a spelling book) that reflect the spelling focus in class and a spelling test will be given the following Tuesday with Mrs Reen.  Spelling books must be in school each Tuesday to get the next set of spellings. Please help your child read and understand the meaning of these words through discussion using dictionaries or explore spellings through games.

In addition, the children will be having regular multiplication and mental maths tests.

If you would like to know more about how to support your child more in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask us more at the upcoming parent partnership meetings.

Kind regards

Miss Boniface